Balance Changes - Clash Royale 2021 Q4 Winter Update (Season 30)

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furnace has no death spawn,a mistake in the chart,is it the barbarian hut?

Furnace will have 1 death spawn after the balance.

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Hi, Mother Witch has 864 points of life and I was wondering Where did you take 653 from?

You are looking at the card info for a Level 14 Mother Witch. For balances, we always post the numbers for tourney standard, which is Level 11. You can see the tourney-standard number by tapping-and-holding the challenge icon on the lower right corner.

Ok cristal clear! :+1:t3:
Thank you!!!

Would the fire spirit nerf affect the prince? Because of its high jump range, the spirit would hit the charging prince first and he would simply ignore it, but I’m not sure now with this change.

I love Clash Royale, been a fan since before it came to the states. I grew up playing clash royale and it hurts so bad to see these changes. To me they really seem like supercell is only looking at usage and win rates which do not say that much about the power/value of a card. It feels like they don’t even play the game and understand what’s going on in the meta. Never did anyone when playing against mother witch think “wow she has so much health I can’t kill her” yet they nerf her health. Most would probably say “wow these pigs have so much health, they can be overwhelming”.

The best example for why usage and win rates aren’t that important (still should be considered) is wizard. He is a horrible card and is almost never seen in competitive tournaments yet he has a very solid usage rate because he is a great card for low skill players. So on paper you would think that wizard is solid but in game he is only good in low skill environments with low skill players.

It also looks like they aren’t balancing to balance but balancing to bring a change to the current meta. The whole purpose of balancing is to get closer and closer to having a completely balanced meta which is impossible. But just like the infinite number amount of zeros, you can still get closer and closer to zero which is how it should be when balancing the game. I want to see bad cards be changed to be balanced in one way or another. Not all cards can be viable or usable, but they can be good in their own way. I see supercell balance a lot of cards that don’t need a balance as much as others, for example ice wizard, we see him not all the time but we still see him often! Yet supercell balances over cards like pump or rocket which is seen a lot less.

I will conclude my critic take on these balance changes with the best change to egiant ever. Take away the attack and get stunned mechanic and change it to get stunned in the radious every x amount of seconds. If he still struggles to buildings after this change then make his radious bigger and significantly decrease his electrical stun damage. This way, you get rid of the toxic mechanic of troops/towers hurting themselves for just attacking while still keeping the role of the card the same.

I love clash royale and think even as popular as it is, I think it can get even bigger, I hope my opinion ttuly enlightens those who reads it to understand how balance changes should be and how to implement them in a healthy way. God bless and have a nice day!

listen bro wizard is trash, like no one uses it in top ladder

Good balance changes, I didn’t expect Supercell team to add 12 balance changes in a time! The battle ram and executioner were buffed which is a very good thing on top ladder. Thanks SML for the chart :slight_smile:

Information is info, it depends upon YOUR perspective that you use or not, he just added for data showdown. (No Hate). :wink: