Balance Changes - Clash Royale 2021 Q1 Game Client Update

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With the nerf to Bomb Tower, Knight, and Hunter specifically, I don’t see what stops Recruits from being overly dominant in the meta. I could be wrong, but the Zappies nerf just looks insufficient on paper to really stop the popular RR decks from having an easy time on defense, meanwhile the player not using Recruits has to use nerfed cards or the new buffed ones, (Mother Witch / Witch / Bomber) which all pretty much die to a fireball that is typically seen in that sort of deck.

The only thing I can think of that could stop RR’s consistently in this new meta is a 3M deck involving Bomber or Mother Witch. I personally disagree with RR’s being left unaddressed, as well as Balloon remaining a very strong win condition well worth it’s 5 elixir value. Overall it’s a balance in the right direction, but I hope that there’s something in store before the new meta becomes stagnant with Recruits, 3M, or Balloon.

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I feel like one of the biggest cards that needs addressed but still hasnt been is the Valkyrie. I feel like she is one of the cards that needs nerfed and her hp and hit points needs brought down because i feel like she is just way to overpowered.