Amazon University Esports Italy Achievements

Can you add Amazon University Esports Achievements (winter 2021 and spring 2022)? Both 1000€+ prizepool.

Winter 2021

  1. blackblock #CRYLUL
  2. CGG Forme #LG0Y0UCC
  3. TTM 大卫Rooney #GG8UC0CP
  4. Legione Fizzo™ #L2JRGP22C
    5-6. Pingus104|Inter #9VUJ9LLU8 (deleted user in the bracket)
    5-6. Astoria #UPJCRVY8
    7-8. LANDREIGNO #2J89UC0V
    7-8. BigAdrenaline #2GQJVUP9

Spring 2022

  1. TTM 大卫Rooney #GG8UC0CP
  2. :zap:Itz_MaTTeO ™:zap: #9YGJG8LP
  3. blackblock #CRYLUL
  4. ༺☆《 莫 失 莫 忘 》☆༻#9L2QQJY
    5-6. Legione Fizzo™ #L2JRGP22C
    5-6. Groil #PGLJP2JJ
    7-8. Ra’s al Ghul #C0U28QYC
    7-8. Astoria #UPJCRVY8

Ok, thanks, the event should be added in a few days

Thx very much, btw I see you have just added the winter edition badges, but you have forgot other 5 players, can you check please :pray:t2:

Those were already listed in their profiles. Only the Top4 players receive achievements in this event

Okok, but I think you missed Blackblock (top 1 winter 2021)

That account doesn’t have an esports profile, so he isn’t eligible to receive achievements

Ah okok, sorry

No problem :+1:
And if you know who that is, let him know that he can reach out to us here and create one.

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