Advanced Deck Cycles for Clash Royale Champions

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wow that’s a great illustration! good work. Honestly I find the card cycling mechanic with champions is way more sophisticated to trace. For instance, if the opponent play card A before playing the champion, card A will be back in hand after playing another 4 cards. But if card A is played with a champion active on the field, it is a 3-card cycle. While if the champion dies before the player cycles 3 cards, it reverts back to a 4-card cycle. Plus champions have a separate card cycle to trace. All these while under the heat of a battle is kinda overwhelming. But let’s see if the pros are gonna master and take advantage of this.

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Yes, I think it’s very powerful if used properly. So players who learn to use it for their advantage are more likely to succeed. We’ll see how soon that happens, it certainly will take some time.

damn, interesting mechanic… if the hero can survive long enough, it’s a very fast 3 card cycle…

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Hi, with the 1/11 update fix, the champions now always have a 3 cards cycle, but this creates another card cycles inconsistency.

Case 1: Play the champion → card A → play 0 or 4 or the multiple of 4 cards → champion dies ==> cycle 4 cards before getting card A

Case 2: Play the champion → card A → card B ( in fact any amount of cards other than 0 or 4 or the multiple of 4*) → champion dies ==> cycle 3 cards before getting card A

*the 4th card being card A

I have posted the same stuff on twitter and reddit but I guess it’s kinda hard for me to get Supercell’s attention. Really wish you could help convey this to Supercell. Thank you so much.:pray::pray::pray:

Noted. We’ll take a look and reach out if we see this inconsistency. If you already have videos prepared this would go a little bit faster because then we won’t have to reproduce all the test cases for you. @kindking17 which will slow down such requests.

Thank you so much for your reply. I have recorded two vids for demonstration. Cuz I don’t know video editing, so I’d explain in words here.

Case 1:

Pay attention to the cycle of the skeletons. After I played them, I then had to cycle [ice spirit → heal spirit → fire spirit → skeleton king] before getting skeletons back in hand, i.e. 4 cards cycle

Case 2:

Target the skeletons again. I cycled [fire spirit–> heal spirit → ice spirit] before getting skeletons back in hand, i.e. 3 cards cycle

Hopefully this explains the discrepancy well. I’d readily provide more info if needed. Thanks again for your help🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Thanks for sharing — you are looking at this wrong though. We will post a new updated animation soon to show you how to count them. For now, let’s just say that if you use our method then the behavior is the same and it will work for both of your cases.

It’s a bit hard to explain typing it though.

Also thanks for sharing the videos!

ohh I see. Looking forward to it. Thanks so much🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

@kindking17 We now have an updated guide about the change which happened on November 1. It also comes with a video explanation. It should be clear how the two examples you shown are consistent with the new rule:

If you have any question after reading it, please leave a comment on that post so we can follow the conversation better. Thanks!