Advanced Deck Cycles for Clash Royale Champions (2nd Edition)

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Hi @alpe123 , thanks for the awesome post. I am still a bit confused though.

In your demonstration video, card A has a 4-card cycle cause the champion dies and jumps the queue, thus being inserted to the “next card” slot right before card A.

While if the champion had lived, the countdown would not have started and the whole situation of jumping queue and disrupting the card cycle order of card A would not have happened. Then card A would have a 3-card cycle.

May I ask how could this discrepancy be reconciled? Is it expected that players have to pay attention to the last card played before the death of the champion as its cycle would be affected by the champion’s countdown?

Thanks again for your consistent effort🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

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I can’t say what Supercell expects players to keep track off, what we know is how the system works and each player can use this information however he thinks is useful.

But what you mentioned seems like a good way to remember this whole interaction:
When a Champion dies, it will return to the hand just before the last used card.

In my opinion, only players at the highest level will worry about these details, and it’s probably useful just in a few specific matchups, where they heavily depend on opponent’s cycle.

And to give a more specific answer to your question, I don’t think small displacements in the card cycle are a big concern. This might seem unusual at first, but we should quickly get used to it because it happens consistently. My guess is that the “random” 1-card return of the Champion was much more worrying, and that’s why this update happened.