Adding an esports profile not working

I would like to add an esports profile to my clash royale account on royale api but i have not been emailed back i tried around 3 months ago and no response so i just tried today i play for the team FatalStorm Gaming and my ign is ㄒ卂乃乙塔布兹 and my tag is #YP99RG99V if u could help me add an esports profile i would really appreciate it.

Hi, we don’t reply to requests, but we go through all of them within a few days.

Our requirements to add esports profiles are quite strict, so if yours wasn’t added it was probably rejected. Not everyone is eligible to have an esports profile.

thanks! so if i get accepted will i receive an email?

No, if a request is approved the information in the site will be updated

Hello I have tried to get an esports profile on my account many times and it never seems to work. I want this so that I can play for different teams in clash royale. my tag is #YP99RG99V.

Hi, please read this: