Account's Old Name

I need my account’s old name. I don’t remember it. If I see names more than 1, i can say which one is mine. Please help me, thanks. I have my account’s link on my profile but if u want, the player tag is here: #20GPJYYR

Unclear what you wanted to do

Sorry, my bad. I just want you to tell me my Clash Royale account’s old name because i tried to find it for hours in both in this website and others but i couldn’t, thanks.

Sorry, I can’t tell you this information to prevent phishing.

Ok i can understand you but if it’s possible can you give me something like 20 names. One of them will be my account’s old name. If i see my account’s old name, i can immediately remember it. Or you can give me a name that is similar to mine. Please help me i need my old name and i can’t remember it so i can’t play with my 7k account.

No, sorry.

Ok then, can you say just yes or no for this question: was it something like DRG dragon or dragoking?

There is something very close but it does not match.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what it is.

Hello i also forgot my account’s first nick. I change my nick two times. My account is #P0RVUQ0UQ. My account’s second name is AĞDAM❤️ . Can you help me? was it something like Farid or Qarabakh?

sorry i can’t help you with security questions.